Monday, December 28, 2015

Project Fortress Concept Art

After a long time mothballed in a top secret hangar back at Signal Studios, here finally is some of my work on this amazing project! I did UI concept, and final composites when my modeling team was done. A great dev experience on a killer prototype!
This wild battle panorama seamlessly tiles with the one below. We used the art as a long-scrolling backdrop for our UI.

The second half of the battle panorama shows Hunters and Dracons at war!

A few of the game flow boards I did to visualize play sequences.

Some of the many composited UI frames seen in game.

These composites were used as UI backdrops after a battle.

The Imperial and Dracon fortresses.

The Hunters, an army of AI-controlled robots.

Some of the action icons I did for the game's UI.

More crazy action icons. Love doing these!

The Shadows, or Salvagers are scavenged space junk.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Building a 1/20th Scale Mech! FR ZERO G mk 3

There is simply no better way to learn weight, balance, mechanics, and mech design than to actually build one. This fully articulated, poseable battle frame took about three days to build from hacked up action figures and other greebles.

Color processed to better show shape and mechanics design. Bottom poses show extension/distension range of joints.

True color and a few shots of process from bin of junk to custom built elements such as the head.
Comparison to a 28mm mini.
The Fr0g seeks refuge on a nearby farm...a farm with a barrel sized land mine.